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Curricular Modules

We developed four curricular modules for possible insertion into courses in sociology, anthropology, international studies, and women’s and gender studies. These multi-week modules are designed to encourage students to assess the experiences, socio-political dimensions, and historical contexts of war and terror. [Click on title of module to enter page]


War, Terror, and Globalization

This multi-week module explores how social, political and economic issues are closely related to war and terror that we are experiencing around the world. Globalization processes have been linked to war and terrorism as continued exploitation as well as the widening gaps between the haves and the have-nots contribute to increasing discontent and extremism around the world.

Visual Culture of War and Terror

This multi-week module examines the visual media culture of war and terror in a global world. The ubiquitous encounters with violence require a new form of visual literacy that not only highlights the intersection of the local and the global, but also recognizes the ways in which visual technologies, cultural politics of memory and history, national ideologies, and the collusion of media practices and militarism intervene in the formation of a visual culture of violence.


War, Terror, and the Global Refugee Crisis

This multi-week module examines how war, violence, and terror contribute to a refugee crisis of global proportions. The course module focuses on how the rights and the dignity of refugees can be protected in the course of displacement, resettlement, and repatriation. A most important concern is how the trauma of displacement can be minimized.

Gender, War, and Terror

This multi--week module offers an overview of the gendered dimensions of war and terror. Women across the world have increasingly been the primary targets of massacres, mass-orchestrated rapes, and organized sale into sexual servitude. The rape of women is an accompaniment to war, tied integrally to warfare as yet another form of effective domination.


[Photo credits: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC: http://www.ushmm.org ]