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Teaching about War and Terror:
Sample Undergraduate Syllabi

We developed two sample syllabi of undergraduate courses on war and terror that can be taught in anthropology, sociology, international studies, and women’s and gender studies. [Click on title of course to enter page]


Global Exiles of War and Terror

War, violence, persecution, and modes of terror increasingly affect the lives of human beings, and especially women and children, around the globe. War and terror have created a global refugee crisis. In addition to the loss of human life and potential, the ensuing consequences of violent displacement include poverty, disease, physical and psychological trauma, hopelessness, and vulnerability to human rights abuses. In this course we explore how the rights and dignity of refugees can be protected and how the trauma of violent displacement can be minimized through humanitarian aid and community activism.


Cultural Images of War and Terror

This course examines the visual culture of war and terror in a global world from a diversity of perspectives. Images of violence are endlessly transmitted on television, on the internet, in print media, in cinema, and recreational games to become part of our everyday visual culture. Whether disseminated as news, documentary truth, or entertainment, the ubiquitous encounters with violence require a new form of visual literacy that not only highlights the intersection of the local and the global, but also recognizes the ways in which visual technologies, cultural politics of memory and history, media practices, and national ideologies intervene in the formation of a visual culture of violence.

[Photo credits: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC: http://www.ushmm.org ]