Speaker Series

Gregory Heyworth, Ph.D.

Gregory Heyworth, Ph.D.

February 20th Talk & Book Signing 8:00pm

Gregory Heyworth is Director of The Lazarus Project, an undertaking to recover and restore damaged manuscripts. The Lazarus Project applies new tools for image processing allowing imagery to be generated from texts that have been damaged or erased, including palimpsests and documents that have been charred by fire, faded to invisibility, stained or washed by water. Some examples of high-profile projects include: the Archimedes Palimpsest project; a possible seventh genuine signature of William Shakespeare; The Skipwith Revolutionary War Letters; and "Les Eschéz d’Amours" (a 14th century, 30,000+ line Middle French epic poem) heavily damaged during the Allied bombings of Dresden. Heyworth’s research is in continental literature of the 12-th-14th centuries, philosophy of language, poetic and cultural theory, vernacularity and the relationship of the graphic to the textual, manuscript recovery, and history of the book.