400 Level Courses

STSO-421 Environmental Policy

This course introduces students to federal, state, and local environmental policies and the various policy paths leading to their establishment. Students will understand how societal values inform the content of environmental policies and the impacts, in turn, of these policies on society. In addition, the class will explore how environmental economics informs the new tools of environmental policy. The course covers a range of environmental policies at the U.S. and international levels addressing problems such as air and water pollution, climate change, energy use, and community sustainability. Class 3, Credit 3 (S)

STSO-422 Great Lakes

This course utilizes the Great Lakes Basin as an integrating context for understanding global environmental issues.  Examining the basin through an interdisciplinary environmental lens the class applies social science approaches to environmental problem solving. Students assess the local, regional, national and international scope of Great Lakes environmental issues through lecture, role-play, and field experiences and consider the importance of government action, public policy, ethics, economics, sociology, history, and engineering while applying social science analysis skills such as surveys, interviews, and content analysis to better understand the depth of local environmental problems and their potential solutions. Environmental Science majors prepare a proposal for an environmental consulting project.  Class 3, Credit 3 (F)

STSO-441 Cyborg Theory

The developing cybernetic organism or cyborg challenges traditional concepts of what it means to be human. Today medical science and science fiction appear to merge in ways unimagined a century ago. By exploring scientific and cultural theories, science fiction, and public experience, this class examines the history and potential of the cyborg in Western cultures. Class 3, Credit 3 (S)

STSO-442 Science, Technology, and Society Classics

STS classics are books that involve science or technology and that also have notable social significance. In this course students will read several such books to advance their understanding of how society learns about, explores, and evaluates science and technology. The seminar format for this course will also advance students' writing, speaking, and research skills. Class 3, Credit 3 (F)

STSO-445 The Natural Sciences in Western History

This course explores the development of the natural sciences in Western history, from ancient times to the present. It emphasizes how astronomy, physics, chemistry, and biology have changed over time, and it seeks to place those changes in their social, economic, cultural, and religious contexts. Class 3, Credit 3 (S)

STSO-446 History of Chemistry

This course surveys the history of chemistry from antiquity to the present. Emphasis will be placed on developments since the Renaissance; on changing views of how matter is structured and how different substances react (or fail to react); and on the political, social, and cultural contexts that influenced the rise of new chemical concepts and practices. Class 3, Credit 3 (varies)

STSO-489 Special Topics

Allows examination of a special problem or topical area in the field of STS or Environmental Studies. Topics and specific content and methods vary from year to year or Semester to Semester. Class 3, Credit 3 (varies)