Student Life

Student Advisory Board

The COLA SAB is a team of students, representative of each degree department or program in the college, who work together to maintain and improve the satisfaction of COLA students regarding education and accessibility. The SAB advocates for student issues within the COLA community; enhances student relationships with Student Government, the College and the Institute; and advises the COLA Deans on student issues.

Samantha Perricci
Digital Humanities and Social Sciences

Samantha Perricci is the Chair Pro-Tempore of the SAB, and the representative for the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences program.  Sam is a third year Digital Humanities and Social Sciences major, who joined the SAB at the beginning of their second year.  Sam is also the Peer Mentor for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as for the Liberal Arts Exploration program.  As a part of the SAB, Sam likes to give the students of COLA a voice, and create events that will help the students of the college succeed, both in academia and in their future endeavors.

Felicia Swartzenberg
Journalism and Museum Studies

Felicia Swartzenberg is the secretary for the SAB and the representative for the school of communications. She is a journalism and museum studies double major who joined the SAB her first year at RIT. She enjoys being able to give back to her peers by helping host SAB events and advocating for student needs. One of her favorite parts about being involved with the SAB is collaborating with students from other COLA majors to help improve the resources available to students in the college.

Tayler Ruggero
Public Policy & Criminal Justice

Tayler Ruggero is the College of Liberal Arts Student Government Senator, and is the Student Government representative on the SAB. She is a 4th year Criminal Justice and Public Policy double major who began working with the SAB her 2nd year, as the Public Policy representative, and also served as the Secretary during her 3rd year. Tayler enjoys being involved around campus and advocating for her constituency to administrators so that CoLA student's needs are met. During her free time, she likes to attend as many RIT Men's Hockey games as possible.

Young Mooney

Young Mooney is the economics representative in the SAB.  He is a second-year economics major who also acts as one of the department tutors.  Young’s favorite part about being in the SAB is the ability to help make events for other COLA majors as beneficial as possible.

Mandy Cameron
Liberal Arts Exploration

Mandy Cameron is the Liberal Arts Exploration representative. A second year in the program, she is leaning towards declaring as either a Digital Humanities and Social Sciences major or a Museum Studies major. She enjoys meeting a variety of students from all over the college and learning about what they want to do and what they need to get closer to their goals. Her favorite part about being involved with the board has been being a part of something bigger that will help her and her peers.

Hannah LaDuca

Hannah LaDuca Is the psychology department representative and the public relations manger for the SAB. She began her position on the SAB in the Fall of 2017 as a third year student. She is interested helping to make students more aware of all that the SAB has to offer. She is looking forward to becoming more helpful and involved with CoLA students by hosting the events held each year by the SAB.

Madeline Slack
Sociology & Anthropology and International & Global Studies

Madeline Slack is the Sociology & Anthropology representative, joining the SAB her second year at RIT. She enjoys being able to work closely with a variety of majors to curate events valuable to the college as a whole. One of her favorite parts about being involved with the SAB is the opportunity to advocate for CoLA students at RIT. During her free time, she enjoys planning and participating in events as the secretary of the RIT EDM Family and dreaming of her next travel destination.

Alessandra Santarosa
Political Science

Alessandra Santarosa is the Political Science Representative. Alessandra is a 3rd-year Political Science student and Minors in German and Sociology & Anthropology. She joined the SAB in her 2nd year in the program. She enjoys being able to represent her department and help advocate for improvements within the College of Liberal Arts. She is also the Peer Mentor for her program and enjoys working with fellow students. In her free time, Alessandra is a DJ at RIT’s college radio station WITR 89.7, a tour guide for RIT admissions, and has studied abroad at RIT Kosovo.

Myles Cloherty
Criminal Justice

Myles Cloherty is a Criminal Justice major with an immersion in Arabic. He is Chair of the Student Advisory Board for CoLA and a member of other RIT clubs including Silver Wings and intramural sports. In addition, Myles works as a note taker on campus as part of RIT’s Access Services for NTID students. Myles is also a college programer in the Navy Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (NROTC) at the University of Rochester. He hopes to pursue a career in Federal Law Enforcement after fulfilling his commitment to the US Navy.

Emily King
Museum Studies

Emily King is the SAB Museum Studies representative. She is a fourth year Museum Studies major, graduating Spring 2018, who has been involved with the SAB for about a year. She enjoys being able to represent and advocate for the interests of her growing program, as well as for all of the students in the College of Liberal Arts. She is looking forward to continuing her work with the SAB during her last semester at RIT!

Peggy Noll
SAB Staff Advisor

Peggy Noll is the Staff Advisor to the COLA Student Advisory Board.  She has worked at RIT since 2003 and has completed both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees while working for the History, Philosophy and Performing Arts and Visual Culture departments as a Senior Staff Specialist.  While she enjoys all aspects of her job, Peggy maintains that working with the students in SAB is the best part of it!