Student Services

Academic Support Center

The College of Liberal Arts wants to ensure that all our students have the skills they need in order to succeed academically. That's why we've partnered with RIT's Academic Support Center!

The Academic Support Center's programs and services provide students with the individual and group opportunities needed to become successful, active learners. The ASC strives to assist students in developing independent learning techniques that will contribute to their academic and personal growth.

The ASC provides:

  • Academic Coaching: A free, personalized service with one-on-one coaching from a Student Support Specialist. You'll learn ways to enhance your time-managment and study habit skills according to your academic strengths and preferences. Set up your appointment today! 
  • ASC Courses: Non-credit bearing courses on a variety of skills and subjects to help prepare you for success in your other classes at RIT.
  • Empower: A fee-based service designed to encourage students to be academically successful through weekly mentoring and individualized goal-setting, ultimately building an academically independent, self-advocating individual.
  • Academic Success Workshops: Free, 50-minute workshops are offered select weekdays and evenings throughout the semester on topics related to studying, time-management, learning and test taking.
  • Math & Physics Support: Free tutoring, skills assessments, and resources for students in math and physics courses.
  • Reading Support: Services such as diagnostic reading assessments, informal reading evaluations and reading instruction, as well as strategies to improve comprehension, vocabularly, and reading speed.
  • Tutoring: Whether you need some extra help in a subject, or would like to use your expertise and work as a tutor, the ASC can help!
  • Supplemental Instruction: Proactively supports students enrolled in traditionally difficult coureses. These sessions help students understand course material and learn applied study skills from a peer leader who has successfully completed the course.
  • SAT, GRE, GMAT Prep: Prep classes for students who plan to take a graduate entrance exam. These classes are designed to help sharpen skills, understand the exam format, and learn techniques aimed at mastering each type of question.