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Why can't I enroll in First Year Writing?

Students must take the Writing Placement Exam (WPE) in order to enroll in First Year Writing (UWRT 150 or ENGL 150). Students are given the opportunity to take the WPE on-line prior to fall orientation. Students who did not take the exam prior to orientation can call 475-7965 or e-mail to find out when future on-line examinations will be offered.

What is the Writing Placement Exam (WPE)?

The purpose of the Writing Placement Exam is to determine whether students may enroll directly in First Year Writing (UWRT 150 or ENGL 150) or must take Critical Reading and Writing (UWRT 100) before taking First Year Writing. The WPE is an essay test. Students have 60 minutes to write the essay in response to one of two prompts. Students may take the WPE only once, so they should endeavor to do their best on the exam.

How do I find out the results of the WPE?

Students are assigned an English Composition Level (1-2) as a result of the Writing Placement Exam*. If you don’t know your English Composition Level, please contact your academic adviser or an adviser in the College of Liberal Arts Office of Student Services.

Level 1 - Student is required to take Critical Reading and Writing before taking First Year Writing.

Level 2 - Student is approved to enroll in First Year Writing.

*Students who achieve either a 560 or higher on the verbal section of the SAT; a 23 or better on the English portion of the ACT; or a 6 or higher on the SAT essay exam are exempt from taking the Writing Placement Exam and may automatically enroll in First Year Writing.

Why can't I enroll for a Liberal Arts class that still has open seats in it?

This means that the course section has enrollment requirements in effect. Seats may be reserved for a particular program or minor which may either be temporary or permanent. Please check the student information system for the course criteria for enrollment. If you do meet the criteria and are still unable to enroll, please contact the Office of Student Services in the College of Liberal Arts for assistance.

How can I get into a closed class?

In many circumstances, an instructor may be unable to accept additional students due to the size of the classroom and/or nature of the particular curriculum. As class enrollment can fluctuate during pre-registration and drop/add periods, please add yourself to waitlist and continue to monitor SIS for openings that will permit you to be waitlisted and/or enrolled.

How do I declare a Minor or Immersion?

For more information, please visit the minors and immersions page.

Students are advised to declare a minor or immersion in their second year.

How do I find my professor's office?

Please check the RIT directory website at:

Students may also call 475-2444 for more information.

When should I seek advice from the Office of Student Services in the College of Liberal Arts?

Students should see an advisor when they have questions regarding:

liberal arts curriculum requirements for your degree program
choosing a Liberal Arts double major, minor, or immersion
enrolling in liberal arts courses
audit of their liberal arts requirements (good idea to check at least once a year)
liberal arts transfer credit or study abroad
changing your program to a liberal arts major
choosing liberal arts courses that will enhance your field of study