Student Services

Math Tutoring

If you are running into difficulties with your math course(s), your first step should always be to visit your math instructor during office hours or e-mail your instructor to set up an appointment.  If you still find yourself needing additional assistance, you can take advantage of a variety of services offered through the Academic Support Center.

In the Academic Support Center, you will find:

  • Math tutoring available on a drop-in basis offered at two different sites: Bates and Sol Study Centers.  This is a free service.  Tutors are available to answer questions, go over homework or a test and help you understand your mistakes, or explain concepts that you’re having trouble grasping in class.
    • Bates Study Center (Gosnell Building, Room 1200), tutors available Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm and Friday 9am-6pm.
    • Sol Study Center (Sol Heumann Residence Hall, Room 1016), tutors available Monday-Thursday 7pm-10pm and Sunday 2pm-5pm and 7pm-10pm.  Open to all RIT students, not just dorm residents.
  • Math assessment appointment for students encountering difficulty in their math classes or for students who have been away from math for a while and want a skill assessment.
  • Individualized math sessions to review math skills.
  • Math handouts to download or pick up in the Bates Study Center (08-1200); topics ranging from algebra to calculus.
  • ACS recommended websites offering valuable math skills or math related information.

To schedule an appointment, visit