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Environmental Sustainability and Memorial Sites

Nathaniel Square Park photographed by Mallory Tabolt
Nathaniel Square Park photographed by Mallory Tabolt

This week, students in RIT’s Visual Communication course were asked to research a memorial monument and its significance in terms of placement, narrative, visual effects, and what the memorial site suggests is valued in that community. Students posted illustrations and their interpretations of these sites on the Visual Communication Illustrations Page.

One of the illustrations focused on Nathaniel Square Park, located at the corner of South Avenue and Alexander Street in Rochester’s South Wedge neighborhood (Nathaniel Square Park Illustration). The park is a memorial site for Nathaniel Rochester, founder of Rochester, NY. “The South Wedge Environmental Enhancement Project (SWEEP), headed by community activist, now South Wedge Planning Committee (SWPC) board member Cheryl Stevens, worked for over seven years to transform the spot” (O’Donnell). The park was opened in 2006 after the SWPC managed to raise “$300,000 in state and corporate funds to build Nathaniel Square” (O’Donnell).  The statue is Nathaniel Square was created by sculptor Pepsy Kettavong who is also responsible for the creation of the Fredrick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony statues located in Rochester (O’Donnell).

Other illustrations focused on the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the Schiller Monument, and the George Eastman Memorial located near the entrance to Kodak Park.

O’Donnell, Nancy. “Nathaniel Square Received Coveted Design Award.” The Wedge. February-March 2012. <>.


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