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Logistics Group Enid / Kurt Meeting

Hello All,

Lisa Barber and I, on behalf of the Logistics Group, met with Enid Cardinal and Kurt Ingerick today to discuss some practical aspects of the campaign. Here is what we found:


We have access to floor plans, but considering there are three resident floors in three buildings, with the addition of a ground floor on Building 400 (making a total of 10 blueprints), I will save some space here. I also do not suppose we should publicly post floor plans to student living quarters.

  • The building consists of suites that house 4 single rooms and 1 double for a total of 6 people in one suite
  • The ADA rooms have 2 singles and 1 double for those who are in need of accessibility purposes
  • The residential hall consists of 3 floors; students have access to all 3 buildings
  • Specialty areas for students of the same major including the entrepreneur floor from the students in COB – could be targeted as test subjects

The main floor of Building 400 consists of a study room/laundry room/ and kitchen which leads into a conference room (may not be high traffic for students since that room can be reserved by outsiders – that is actually also used by executives from outside of RIT, we should make sure the campaign is generally inoffensive)

High-Traffic Areas:

Places that would receive high traffic include:

  • multiple study rooms with magnetic whiteboards  – one area on the second floor had 4 study rooms with a full kitchen
  • media rooms that include a projector/screen, primarily used to test video games
  • lobby/hang out areas with flat screen TVs and furniture
  • laundry room (includes a flat screen TV and a study room on the other side, connected by a glass window)
  • recycling and trash room per floor

Distribution Possibilities & Limitations:

  • All common areas have light sensors
  • All bedrooms do NOT have light sensors but use highly efficient light bulbs. This will definitely be our heavy focus areas to target student behavior.

Communication Avenues:

  • Writing messages on the white boards next to each suite entrance which includes a grip strip for RAs to leave notes and a small metal area for magnets
  • Global Gazette, an electronic newsletter read by students
  • Star Res, a student message center that is used to update students of inspections per month-not very dynamic
  • RAs distribute out fliers to suites
  • RAs facilitate joint programs and hold mandatory monthly meetings with food
  • Mailboxes are not within the building, they are located in the Hub across from the resident hall, but we have access to place things in individual PO Boxes.


  • the suite doors are not magnetic, the double doors in the hallway are
  • We cannot post on walls outside of Laundry or Garbage/Recycling Rooms (and in there we must use command strips)
  • We cannot post on glass
  • We ought to use recycled materials when possible
  • No stickers


  • We can use Table Tents on the many pieces of furniture
  • We can create and install light switch plates



  • Primarily Sophomores
  • Meaning they are coming from the dorms, they have not lived in Global Village previously and will not live there next year


  • Students can be narrowed down through a database that Kurt has access to so that we can target specific nationalities, interests, genders, and majors
  • The database can also target student backgrounds and has the capability to email students by floor, by building, whatever we desire


  • a mix between “responsible and slightly unaccountable.”
  • There is a universal respect for each others belongings

On-going Investigations:

  • In instituting our control we should figure out how often students mingle in between buidlings.
  • Harold who oversees the GV Hall; he would be a great person to meet with in the near future to get an understanding and natural sense of the hal

Overall, the campaign and design of the signs/stickers should be in line with the aesthetics of the building to maintain the level of prestige that exists in Global Village but still engage students.

Here are some lovely pictures that Lisa took.


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I fully agree with you! Logistics should be implemented carefully and according to all the rules. As we have writers with some experience in logistics we were able to build a sustainable plan of information distribution.


I agree with you and will be definitely looking forward to your future updates. Thank you and keep the great work up. Good luck!

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I fully agree with you! Logistics should be implemented carefully and according to all the rules. As we have writers with some experience in logistics we were able to build a sustainable plan of information distribution.

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