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“Visual Communication, Design and Understanding Messages of Sustainability” is the title of a grant-funded project by CMT graduate students in the Visual Communication course.  After installing signage with various types of visual communication, students will look at energy consumption per building around RIT’s campus and possibly at the University of Rochester to assess the efficacy of visual messages.

The visual communication graduate class will also be interacting with the undergraduate visual communication class. Undergraduates will be consulted regarding reactions to signage and ideas for interviews and posting.

The “illustration” page also breaks slightly from the sustainability page. On this page, both graduate students and undergraduates post images to the site that illustrate a visual communication concept covered that particular week.

Everyone listed below is connected in some way to the graduate or undergraduate visual communication course. This includes students, professors and members of the community. Short bios, personal blogs about visual communication and preferred method of contact for each individual is included.

Kelly Norris Martin earned her PhD in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media at North Carolina State University. In this interdisciplinary program, she focused her research on the intersections of visual communication, rhetorical criticism and design. Her most current project constructs a graphical schema of visual research methods and promotes “design making” (conducting research through specific design challenges) as a visual communication research method. Recent journal publications include: ”A Visual World Demands Design Sense: Advocating for Visual Communication Across the Curriculum” in Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal (2012) and “Visual Wellbeing: Intersections of Rhetorical Theory and Design” in Design Issues (2011). |

Sandy Nadal is a graphic designer with a bachelor in advertising. She’s interested in multimedia design. Being the daughter of a web developer and designer she’s been in contact with the website creating process from a very young age. Follow her on tumblr |

Aimee Diaz is a 24 year old that has a desire to become a very successful business woman. Some consider her an entrepreneur because by the age of 22 she was already in charge of a business. In her free time she likes investigating on new projects that she might do some day. She is a very ambitious person and always tries to help people. Her job, Operations Manager in a Contact center in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, got her to become a fanatic of communication. | @EAD7242 | Follow her on tumblr |

Nichole Brant is a Communications and Media Technologies graduate student with an undergraduate degree in Professional and Technical Communications. She hopes to continue her education and eventually attain her PhD, but knows she’ll be happy with any job that allows her to see the world. Nichole comes from a family of five and grew up in a quaint rural town in Western New York. A yoga enthusiast, a bookworm, a dog lover, and an adventurer, Nichole’s interests are diverse and she looks forward to enjoying these passions in the coming years.  |

Casey Conklin is working to obtain her Master’s in Communication Media Technologies. She hopes to work in Student Affairs at a college or university or to work in the Marketing division of a Non-Profit Agency. Casey’s passion is music. She enjoys singing and playing piano in her free time. In addition, Casey is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and loves to cook and eat southern food! |

Liz Redden is a Communication and Media Technologies major who hopes to establish a career in strategic and operational consultation. Liz enjoys making chain maille jewelry and playing flute in her spare time. Her blog is found at and she can be reached at

Samary De La Cruz is  from the Dominican Republic. She obtained her bachelor degree in Farmingdale State College, which is Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. Last summer, she had the opportunity to work in CONTACT _Con-37ACA3ED2 Coca Cola Company and was involved with the promotion and media department. She fell in love with that area and decided to apply for her master degree in Communication and Media Technology. If you want to find more information about her, her blog is

Abel Rondón is an advertising major who hopes to open a non-conventional advertising medium company in Dominican Republic sometime in the future. An animal lover (specially dogs) and a fan of photography (wild life mainly). Abel Rondón loves going out, hanging with friends, dancing, playing soccer, video games and more. | |

Mallory Tabolt is currently pursuing her M.B.A. with concentrations in Marketing and Communication and Media Technologies. She completed her B.S. in Business Administration and Philosophy from Nazareth College and has a background in Fine Arts. |

Amarilis Ramos, also known for her middle name Nathaly, is a Communication and Media Technology student at RIT. Born and raised in  Dominican Republic she has always been surrounded by art.  Her interests goes from the music, which is her big passion, to blogging and dedicating  time volunteering and promoting social causes. Recently has discover her interest in photography and design and is willing to further deepen these areas. She believes in art as an effective way to achieve positive change in people. | | Twitter:@nathalyramos | Instagram: nathalyramos08

Ivonna Cabrera is a Dominican Marketer currently pursuing a graduate degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She’s interested in the Communication field and topics like Social Media and Communication Technology are very interesting for her. | @IvonnaCT |

Kelly Bodine is in the Communications & Media Technologies graduate program at the Rochester Institute of Technology and received her bachelor’s in public relations from the State University of New York at Oswego. She currently works full-time at The College at Brockport where she does marketing for their Auxiliary Services. She has a huge passion for animals, particularly pigs; she loves the Dave Matthews Band, and traveling everywhere and anywhere. Twitter @kbodine. | Email: |

Kristi Ziehl is a 16-year RIT employee and eternal grad student. She wishes she could say that she/s lived in many fascinating places, but alas she’s lived in the snow belt of western NY state her whole life resulting in a love-hate relationship with snow — she simultaneously loves to hate it and hates to love it. Consequently, she frequently indulges her inner child with family trips to Disney World. As a result, her son adores her, er.. make that Mickey. One of her main hobbies is sleuthing genealogical records to find the elusive origins of her several times grand-ancestor, Benjamin West Davis. Really, how many Davis’s can their really be?

As a current graduate student in the Communications and Media Technology program, Lisa Barber has taken her passion and expertise in social media to a new level by studying new strategies in online marketing. In her spare time, she uses her creative energies to maintain a fashion blog to cover trends, news and personal fashion in the industry. Working as a visual display manager in the past has allowed her to identify the importance of using images and promotional set-ups to appeal to customers and drive business. Between studying and vacationing with her family, she can be found creating a DIY project or blogging about her latest attire on

Scott Howard is a MFA candidate in the Computer Graphics Design program. He loves all things creative & has studied everything from studio art to graphic design to motion graphics. He is currently teaching a few freshman foundation courses in the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences as an adjunct faculty member. He also does freelance design work for a variety of companies in the Rochester area. His dream situation is to work as an art director in advertising and teach as an adjunct professor on the side. #heyoscoho | |

Erica MacArthur is a Communication and Media Technology student. Her goal is to advance her understanding of communication, especially as it relates to marketing and organizations. She is quite happy working for her department at RIT and she’ll see where the future takes her! She is passionate about graphic design and hopes to have opportunities to build on these skills. Her family consists of her husband (a soon-to-be brewmaster) and her silly labradoodle! Her greatest wish for herself is that she continues to see and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves! Doing so thus far has taken her on wonderful adventures! Please visit her blog at: |

Bryan Christiansen is a second year graduate student in the Communication and Media Technology program at RIT. He is also the Communications Officer for RIT’s College of Science and the Head Age Group Coach of the Victor Swim Club. For the Fall Season he is most excited about nabbing Calvin Johnson for his Fantasy Football Team. Follow his blog at | Twitter: @BryanChrit

Kurt Wirth has a degree in Communications from Mississippi State University and is working toward his Masters at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is following his passion for collegiate athletics and hopes to be an athletic director one day. @SEC_Nerd |

Lauren Palmieri is a Communication and Media Technologies graduate student with a concentration in Marketing. A native of Upstate, New York she hopes to relocate after receiving her Masters degree and pursuer a career in public relations or marketing with the ultimate goal of working in communications for a professional sports team/league. Lauren is the youngest of three brothers and in her spare time she loves to draw, travel to new places and is an avid hockey fan. @laurpalmieri |

Joel Skelton is a man of many interests and talents. As a communication major, he aspires to earn his Ph.D. in rhetoric. Joel is passionate and driven about studying ancient Egyptian rhetoric and myth. Joel also enjoys cycling and taking things apart and putting them back together. His blog can be found at |

Larissa Bolalek graduated from the University of South Florida with her bachelors in public relations. Larissa is currently enrolled in the Communication and Media Technologies program. Larissa enjoys fine dining, traveling and meeting new people |

William Fritzinger is a mechanical engineering student with a minor in applied communication. He enjoys exploring new areas of town and being active outdoors all year round. |

Jonathan Foster is a fourth-year Photojournalism major with a minor in communication. He loves traveling, the environment, and gaining new experiences. After graduation he plans on working for the boy scouts as a backpacking guide in New Mexico. His website is and his blog is

Natalie D’Aurizio is an Advertising and Public Relations major. She’s very interested in the business of television and in fashion advertising. She loves anything with a polka dot print and aspires to be someone Tina Fey would hang out with. Email: | Blog:

Nicholas Lemieux is a 4th year multi-disciplinary studies student. He plans to finish school this winter and find a job in NYC, where he would also like to go to grad school. | |

Nikolas studies technical writing. Most of his time is spent reading and writing. He may be reached via email, and he maintains a course blog.

Annette Tavernese is a professional and technical communications major who plans on achieving all of her goals and being successful at life | |

Claire Owen-Schubnell is a 3rd year Advertising and Public Relations major. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, she came to RIT to study photojournalism, but found that her strengths truly lie in communications and design, which led her to the Advertising and Public Relations program in the College of Liberal Arts. She is currently the public relations director for the RIT Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America and was previously the Vice President of RIT’s Equestrian Club Team. This winter and spring she will be on co-op as a marketing assistant for the Barnes & Noble at RIT. Visual Communications Blog - | | @claire_os

Andria Limon is a third year Advertising and Public Relations major. She loves books and The Sims 3. Blog: Twitter: @andrialimon

Alexandra Dunek is a Professional and Technical Communications with dreams of combining two of her favorite passions; writing and fashion into a fulfilling career that allows her to travel the word @AlexDunek |

Michael Mattana is an industrial design student with a minor in entrepreneurship. He has a passion for understanding the way things function | Blog: | Email:

Joelle Scarnati is currently studying computer science and is interested in how social media affects the way people interact. In contrast to her education, Joelle enjoys sewing, art, and baking in her spare time. |

Dan Pecora is a third year electrical engineering major who wants to someday design nano circuits for either tablets or smart phones. He played rugby for the RIT Men’s Rugby team and he is the alumni chair for the Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity. He grew up in Webtser, New York, but he attended the Aquinas Institute

Andrea Warren is a third year Visual Media Major. Visual Media is the studies of Photography & Graphic Design combined. Andrea is from Addison County, Vermont and is highly involved with dairy farming, horse training and capturing photographs of each of these subjects (and more). She recently trailered her horse to a farm not far from RIT for the school year. |

Keith Strauss is a fourth year student @ RIT in Rochester, NY.  He is majoring in IT with a minor in Web/Database integration studies and will be  graduating in Dec. 2012!!  He loves  to travel and has done quite a bit including both personal and as part of his time in service.  He had the good fortune of serving in the Army and the New York State National Guard (2007-10).  During his time active he spent two years in S. Korea as well as a combat  tour in support of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.  He loves to travel in his personal time and has visited both Canada, and Russia twice (absolutely can’t wait to return) as well as all over the US.  He is married and they have a wonderful, smart and talented 7 year old little girl and another daughter born just this quarter.  In his personal time he enjoys spending time with family/friends, sports, reading (non-fiction, educational), anything outdoors.

Jessica Dean is a senior studying graphic design. She went to MCC for two years to play for their lacrosse team, and they won the national championship. She got her associates in advertising and commercial art and then transferred to RIT.  She also loves to travel and cook! | Blog: http://j– |  Email:

Zula Bayaraa is a third year advertising and public relationship major. She likes to think herself as a modern hippie who loves life and technology. | Email: | Analysis Blog:

Erin Hutson is an Advertising & Public Relations major. Her dream job is to work as a copywriter for an advertising agency. She grew up in the small town of Middletown, DE. She is the secretary for the RIT chapters of both the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). Erin loves exercising, bike-riding, reading, indie music and baseball. | @ErinHutson

Justin Smith is a fourth year Game Design & Development major with a minor in communication. Artificial Intelligence in games is what really seems to grab his attention.




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