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Sturken & Cartwright reading ’s reading confirmed for me that the photography is still playing an important role in society. The reading talked about how the visual history that becomes preserved  with photography and sometimes can every obscure the truth. In my history and athletics of photography class my professor always made it clear to us and the photography is no the reality. The photograph only captures one fragment of a second in time, cropping out everything that outside of the frame. It is important to know that the photography is just a small segment of history and can not be seen as solid fact all the time. how ever its also important  the we dont dismiss photography as a tool of historical preservation, it can still be used to catalog history it is just especially important to determine absence with photography. That being said I really enjoyed to compilation  of photographs at the eastman house documenting the era of the 60′s.  How ever its was not the work I was expecting to see. When I think about the 60′s I think about hippies and pop art. besides the one picture of Allen Ginsberg  and his lovely “pot is fun” sign i didn’t see much of what I was expecting. The one set of work that drew me in the most was Ed Ruscha’s cataloging works of L.A. this also relates  to the reading a lot. these collections of images form a catalog of random things in that time period, much like Sir francis Galtons book mentioned in the reading about him cataloging the criminals. the beauty of ruscha’s work is that even if the stuff he photographed is no longer there, he has preserved it in time for us to look back like a retrospective.


Hello my name is Benjamin Kitzmiller. I am a fourth year fine art photography student here at RIT. I am from Maryland and I enjoy camping and landscape photography. Knowing about visual communications will help me strengthen my art and interpretation of art.


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