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A Mind of It’s Own

The Norman reading mentions the over complication of many everything things, such as the fan/humidifier shown above. All I wanted was a fan and instead I ended up with a machine that does everything except write this post for me. The machine allows you to change the temperature, speed, running time, etc. It took me almost a week to figure out what every button was for. The best part is that the machine came equip with a remote control for convenient use. The only problem is that the remote does not work; however the remote for my television has managed to sync itself with the machine, cancelling out all functions that I want to control on my television. And just to think, all I wanted was a fan.





This is a very interesting photo to post. The complexity of the fan shows how far technology has taken us. However, all you really wanted was a simple fan. The improvements to this fan seem to help the stereotypical user, but clearly it just added more confusion.


I agree with what you said about you said about designing for the stereotypical user, Daniel. I have noticed that a lot of products have been designed this way. I don’t know whether it is due to laziness by designers, a lack of market research, or simply some overly optimistic designers who think that the world is ready to embrace these complicated products, but it is a trend that has continued on for far too long and needs to change

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