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A picture can create a story

Barbie Zelizer in her new book of: “About to Die:How News Images Move to the Public” has some very interesting thoughts as to why people sometimes need images to understand the surroundings and to feel more emotion. An article can create an emotion but when a picture is presented you actually assume that it is real. Pictures often tell a story or keep you thinking. In the case of Zelizer’s book and in this picture there are sometimes photographs that keep you thinking if the scenery has some death or not. It is up to the viewer to make the prediction and finish the story. In this picture, fortunately my friend from the DR is alive and is now born again to tell his story.





This picture only tells me a story of inhuman destruction. It would be great to have the story of your friend with it. As someone who has taken photographs at accident scenes I have to walk a fine line between “documenting” what is happening and upsetting people. It is amazing how in the moment, people become defensive of what would otherwise be one of the most-profound moments of their lives.

Thank you for sharing, and I’m glad your friend was so blessed.

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