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After the rain

This picture was taken about 10 minutes ago. After a long time trying to decide what could I be inspired about, I thought that I could just go outside and find the inspiration. The moment I walked out of my house, I felt suddenly happy because it wasn’t raining anymore.

This reminded me of how Helmers explains how the context in which an image is viewed, affects our perception of it. For a person who loves rainy days like me, the fact that I had unintentionally “enjoyed” a two hours bath under the rain waiting for a bus this morning, really made me appreciate that the sun was finally out.

The blue color of the sky had never seen so bright to me. There were still a few clouds, but I really loved how the look as if they were coming out of the tree that’s in the back of my house.




Beautiful sky!

It’s interesting to consider the context of the image when it went from private to public. Without knowing the creator’s (your) intent, it may hold a different meaning. For me, it just appears to be a beautiful blue sky on an ordinary day. Knowing that it had been raining previously and the emotional impact it had on you gives the image greater meaning.


You’re right Erica. That’s one of the things I love about art, how everyone can have its own personal perception.


Agree with both of you. The images have an important communicative power, beyond the word (without trying to give less importance to the word itself). There are many things that can be expressed through an image, and even more the interpretations that can be obtained according to the frame of reference of each person. It’s amazing how the psychology of each of us plays an important role in our perceptions.


I find the coloring of the trees interesting in this– because the small bit of tree on the bottom right is blatantly green, whereas the tree in close proximity on the left is almost black in color, aside from hints of green towards the bottom left. The Angle at which this was shot heavily affecting the literal elements in the photo!


I Wrote this in my blog “Images, photos, posters, and paintings all these words have something in common “the power to convey messages” I can not stop saying this, we can have more than 20 different opinion about this illustration. Why? Very simple because visual communication is a path for us to be free and express our perceptions or even more deep we can associate this image with a real situation in our personal life and combine our feelings!


I love the colors in this picture. It has a sort of soothing effect looking at something like this. I wrote in my blog how weather tends to have an effect of your it transforms colors to your moods. I really like the angle and color in this picture a lot. It almost looks like art.


Thanks everyone! I like how some of you have a different perception of the picture. That’s exactly my point!


I also chose to use Helmers idea about perception to discuss the illustration that I posted. I think that it is the most interesting aspect about any visual communication.

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