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Anti Bullying

The Amanda Todd story is a story that is currently taking over all the social media sites, mainly Facebook. A beautiful 15 year old took her own life a couple days ago on the heels of her classmates relentless bullying. She made a Youtube video where she broke her silence on her story and shortly after, hung herself. The video has been viewed by thousands of people worldwide and offers a chilling perspective into the world of bullying and what it is capable of.

“We’re squeamish because news pictures of the dead and dying are of real people and real events”

Amanda’s story and video impacted thousands because it uncovered her true self and what really happened to her.

When I read the Zelizer article, Amanda Todd was the first thing that stood out to me because when the news broke out that she had taken her own life, thats when the video was viewed and you gain a different perspective when you are watching the video and in the back of your head you’re thinking, this girl died shortly after making this. It made me uneasy inside because the video was real.

Just to be clear, the photo is taken from my phone. I watched the Youtube video on my iPhone and then took a screen shot from there.




This video has had a short term impact on a lot of people, but often instances like this get forgotten about in a few weeks. I personally feel little sympathy because her fate was in her own hands. Millions of people get bullied, this was not an appropriate reaction. It was also inconsiderate for her to post this online because her friends and family now have to see it and probably won’t here the end of it for a long while. Images of anyone before they die are powerful, but this was blown out of proportion in my opinion.

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