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In the Dickinson reading about Starbucks, the author related the logo of the Starbucks company to the physical store, and how the two work together to promote an image and feeling. This photo of my MacBook computer, featuring the Apple logo in signature Apple white works similarly for me. When you go into an Apple store, a lot of care is put into the surroundings to make them cohesive with the brand image. Their store and their computers are bright, and feature a lot of white or silver, which for me gives a sense of cleanliness and clarity, as well as calling to mind technology and the future. These feelings, whether they be from the product or the place, create the high standard of image that Apple works hard to maintain.




I get a sense of cleanliness and clarity every time I walk into the Mac Store, too. There is so little clutter in the store – only the demo computers and assorted gadgets are displayed on the simple wooden tables. They don’t have over-decorated wall space or cram too much merchandise onto the displays. It seems much more futuristic and appealing, more so that if I were to walk into the computer section in BestBuy where everything is crammed in to maximize table space and the purchasable merchandise is stored directly under the floor models or high on warehouse-style shelves.

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