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Beautiful Length Campaign

The short reading on “Three ancestral traits that drive pro-environmental behavior” reminded me of this Pantene campaign I saw a couple of weeks ago.  This is a fine example of how marketers motivate individuals by creating social obligations. This campaign motivates women to donate their hair and help cancer victims to gain some hair back. The product helps your hair grow longer and healthier, so later you can cut it off, donate it and help someone that needs you more than you. Pantene is serving as a mediator between the community and the victims by motivate women to get involve with the cause.




You know, I get your point. Product campaigns such as these are a double edged sword that could be looked at in either a positive or negative light. However, I choose to see it in a positive light, because while Pantene promotes the donation of hair to cancer patients and the competing brand doesn’t, I probably would go with Pantene, the company that promotes a good cause along with its own product. I appeals to a good cause every bit as much as it does to consumer emotion for sales.


I really like this campaign that Pantene did. They are encouraging individuals to buy their product which will in turn help their consumers grow long, healthy and beautiful hair.. so later they can help them by donating their hair to help cancer victims. Its such a great idea, good post!


I have to say that this ad got my attention, and I would personally buy their shampoos, just to support their cause. It is important for brands to use their products for a good cause, such as Pantene using shampoo as a positive thing for growing out your hair to be able to donate it when it is long enough.

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