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I was really racking my brain to come up with an abject body to connect to Emmett Till to put up here. Not sure if I’m satisfied with this yet, but I saw this advertisement on the lawn of the Infinity Quad for Max Brooks. Brooks, famous for both being the son of Mel Brooks and the author of World War Z, a novel that helped a generation both appreciate and codify Sombie Lore, is giving a talk tonight (10/3/12) at RIT.

I started thinking contrary to some of the dark and dreary stuff we talked about this week (I really did want to find something of abject horror to inspire social change) and instead of what happens with abject bodies are used for entertainment. Is such a thing even possible by definition? Zombie Gore virtually lives on the display and consumption of human bodies (metaphorically and literally), the filthy and monstrous – but is that fictionalized horror worth serious study to be ranked among the very real and tragic topics covered this week? Or is it just pulp?

Either way, I did think this was also a pretty clever advertisement that really suits its market, both in audience and location.




I think that this is something interesting to think about, the use of gore in horror movie is half the appeal of horror movies. I think the real gap between that and something graphic on the news is knowing the whats in the movie is fake and whats in the news is real. But I think the we have been a little desensitized to violent imagery due to horror movies.

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