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In the article “The ongoing Transformation of the MCDonald’s Logo: A Someiotic Perspective” authors Erica Cowin and Jonathan Matusitz discuss what  a logo measn and how it evolves over time. Three main characteristics the authors believe logos need in order to be successful are they “clearly recognizable” “bring forth a consensually held meaning for the intended target market” and a logo must “induce a positive affect”. Individuals unfamiliar with the Cabela’s logo quickly find with a simple google search that Cabela’s is the world’s foremost outfitter of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear. Those familiar with the brand know when they see this logo they can be sure they are in the hands of a reliable brand that has been around a long time.

This picture is from my visit to the largest Cabela’s store located in Pennsylvania this past weekend. I did crop the image so to remove my friends standing at the base of the statue.




Isn’t that store great?! I live about twenty minutes away from that Cabela’s store, and my friends and I always love going there to explore. When Cabela’s first opened many people in the area didn’t know what it was, but after one visit its logo took on a whole new (permanent) meaning to those people who experienced the grandeur of the store.

Where can I find the article “The ongoing Transformation of the MCDonald’s Logo: A Someiotic Perspective”? It could be very useful. I wish I will find it before finishing writing my papers.

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