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Canandaigua Lake

I chose this picture because much of what Helmer talks about can be seen in this photo. First thing that I noticed was how it could be split up into a grid of three horizontal lines, where the water and land meet, and splitting the water in two. Also where the land and the water meet could be considered a dividing line, splitting the picture in only two. The angle in which this picture is seen is almost at the water’s level, letting us see the horizon line. The picture is mainly made up of strong lines breaking the picture into three sections, sky, earth, and water.




Calm water with a few ripples always seems to give a relaxing sensation, the image is quite simple but it has a certain balance caused by the almost perfect horizontal line that divides the land from the water. As mentioned by Helmers, this image can give you the feel of water but never come close to being there in person and watching it move.


When you look at the literal elements, it tends to have a cool (blue) color scheme and definitely looks like it has a lot of texture– the water, in contrast to land and sky, looks slick– almost like oil– in the picture.


I took a similar photo to this one. Mine was at the Erie Canal and looking at this picture seems to be the exact type of weather. I like the calmness effect. Weather tends to play a huge role in how your perception plays out.


I love water images, they are always calming and peaceful. Yet in this instance due to the color because of the clouds and maybe lack of sun, it’s portraying more of a dark tone, giving it a somber feeling. I also like how the two pieces of land seem to come down together to a point directing the eye to see the whole image for all its worth. Joelle made a good point I think about how the water looks slick almost like oil affecting the mood of the image even further. I want to reach out and touch it.


Nature images in general typically make for aesthetically pleasing photos. You did a good job of capturing this naturally appealing construct.


This image really pulls the viewer in to look closely at the details of each section of the photo. The point at which the land comes together creates a strong focal point, leading the viewers’ eye throughout the image.


I never thought of it as a dark image, especially when I took it, maybe because I’m so used to being on the lake. But now that you say that it does look much darker to me. Perhaps like the liquid isn’t even water.


ok, you and pleas good.

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