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Capturing a moment from the past.

The article “Auschwitz Shifts From Memorializing to Teaching”  By Michael Kimmelman detailed the important transformation Auschwitz is currently going through. As the generation who experienced this important part of history passes on, the memorial site must transform the way in which it teaches the historical events that took place. Although updating a historical site may seem like an easy task, it definitely is not. Directors of the site do not want to add interactive devices to the environment yet, they want to be able to communicate the events that occurred. While reading this article I deeply agree adding interactive devices to the site will do more harm than good. Allowing visitors to see the site for what it really was is the most importance aspect. In addition pulling visitors out of their normal environment which is filled with interactive devices and touch screens better conveys the reality of what occurred. I decided to take a picture of a flag my parents stored away in their closet. Holding an actual piece of history such as this flag is truly sobering because it reminds of how real and significant the events that occurred were. This flag was signed on May 8th, 1945 V-E Day by 134th Infantry.




Cool picture – what a unique artifact!

I can see why the debate exists. They want it to appear as it was, but they also want it to be engaging and a learning experience. It makes me think of Normandy and D-Day. There is an American cemetery there and although the landscape is largely the way it was at the time, the museum on the premises has many interactive elements. I actually thought it was quite helpful in understanding the terror of the battle. There are soldier stories that have been recorded that you can listen to, which I thought made for a more engaging and memorable experience.


I enjoyed your perspective on the article and the flag was a great artifact to capture and share with everyone! Great thing to have in possession as well.

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