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caught in the web

This image features many of the elements of design and principles of design explained by Helmers. The image is made up of secondary colors, notably orange and green. The image is also filled with pattern. Both the Monarch butterfly and the web itself are patterned, one with shape emphasizing a contrast in color between black and orange, and the other with line to create the outward radiation of the web. There is also distinction between foreground, middle ground and background. Although they are quite close in proximity, the butterfly takes the foreground of the photo as the focal point, then the eye is led through the photo into the middle ground made up of the web. The brush and branches behind the web provides an out-of-focus background, and also offers context for where the image is set.




I like how you used the rule of thirds for this composition. Placing the butterfly there plus the out of focus background makes the butterfly really stand out. I also like how the center of the spider web is located because is near the point of focus (the Monarch) but it doesn’t steals its shine.


I feel that there’s a broad sense of conflict in this picture. The beautiful monarch butterfly appears to be entangled in a deadly spider’s web (having been in close proximity to a spider the size of my palm yesterday, this situation resonates with me a little). I sympathize with the butterfly, wondering if it will be rescued from the web. Culturally, spiders are ominous, dangerous, symbolic of many evil things; however, the spider just caught a fantastic Thanksgiving feast for itself and and a couple of it’s friends. It’s a unique case of life and death frozen in time by the iris of the camera.

Great picture, definitely not a combination that I’ve seen before.


I liked how the background is blurry and the spiderweb along with the butterfly is the main focus of the picture. It shows two different kinds of textures of the picture and it balances out each other.


I took a similar photo for this weeks illustration. I find the unique appeal of a butterfly generally makes for a good photo. You captured this instance well.

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