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Change vs. Plastic

My first reaction to the Auschwitz article was why they would try to change or ‘update’ something that stands on its own. The exhibit might not be fancy or ‘modern’, but it tells a story of the Holocaust as it was. But when I read the article for the second time, my reaction changed. I understand that the people in power or the officials are not trying to change the story or the event, instead change the way the exhibit communicates with the public. They understand that they are dealing with whole new generations of audiences.  The new generations they are dealing with may not have any sort of personal relations to the event, so they understand that they have to teach more than to show. I think this update is good because they are trying to teach and interact with the public according to the audiences’ needs.

The picture above shows a small change that happened according the change in society and its people. Now days, more people seem to carry around credit cards than cash or change. So this update from change to credit cards in parking meters is to better suit the public.




This is a very interesting concept, I wish u would elaborate more on how the parking meter relates to Auschwitz though. The title helps me understand better but I want to know more of your thoughts in the changes of time.


I agree with you about the Auschwitz memorial. I think that adding the more modern aspects is a way to attract audiences that have a disconnect from the actual event. Also having something new and modern might also attract younger crowds. It is important to keep peoples interest with out messing up the balance of historical relevance.

Also I like your picture it is a good example of how changing to something be more modern doesn’t necessarily change its purpose.


Interesting perspective! I think that when the updates serve a valuable purpose (such as accommodating credit cards), then the updates should be considered. For the memorial, perhaps it would be more meaningful to people to have modern aspects if those aspects connect people to the past in a more meaningful way. Adding modern elements just for the sake of it wouldn’t be worthwhile. It’s clear that these changes require really careful consideration.


I definitely agree with you here, making more modern updates would be good as long as they are preserving the artifacts that are already currently there. This might even attract more audiences. Great example here..

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