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Cigarette Warning Labels

After reading the Harold and Deluca reading about the power of violent imagery and the rhetoric behind it I immediately thought of the warning images on foreign cigarette packs. Although this is not as moving and emotionally charged as the Emmett Till photograph, it is still a big step forward to getting people to quit smoking.  The gory imagery on the packs is not only to scare off potential new smokers, but also to make even a more tenured smoker think about quitting. The tobacco companies have to put pictures of some body with really terrible health defects from smoking.

I think that it is a very successful campaign idea, after looking around online I found this really interesting article on the CDC’s webpage about young adult’s perceptions of cigarette warning labels in the U.S and Canada. this article talks about a test the CDC did to see how young american smokers and non smokers react to the more graphic warning labels.

I couldn’t get the picture to work here’s a link to it and to that article I :


Hello my name is Benjamin Kitzmiller. I am a fourth year fine art photography student here at RIT. I am from Maryland and I enjoy camping and landscape photography. Knowing about visual communications will help me strengthen my art and interpretation of art.

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