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Cleaning Coasts Day at Dominican Republic

Blue Life Foundation is an institution in the Dominican Republic that created the Cleaning Coasts Day in my country. On my visit to D.R. this weekend, I ran into this article from one of the magazines that my mom had at home.

Every year this event is held in a different location of the country. In the Widger’s reading, we can see how he talks about social motivations that drive individuals to alter their behaviors in a more pro-environmental way (P. 1).

Widger talks about social recognition, which is how humans want a certain level of fame in relation to those around them. Every time this event takes place, we can see people uploading pictures or posting on social networks about their attendance to the event. Some people’s real interest is to help, while others do it to be recognized as “green people”. There is also the fact that this kind of events get publicized (as it was in this magazine) which also helps to gain recognition.

I personally think that it’s true that some people do it for the wrong reasons, but then again, they’re helping a good cause.


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