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Collecting, Exhibiting, Representing

The Dickinson, Ott, and Aoki reading, Memory and Myth at the Buffalo Bill Museum, identifies collecting, exhibiting, and representing as the three primary rhetorical practices of history museums. The old photographs shown here of my family have been collected over generations, are exhibited in most of my family members’ homes, and represent the past and the story of my family’s history.





My family has old photos all over our homes as well. My family believes that it is important to always be reminded of the past.


I love looking at my family’s old photo albums. I may not truly know the people in the photographs, but I can get a sense of who they were through the array of images.


This is a great representation of the topics discussed in that article. It makes me want to dig up old photos my of family that I haven’t seen in over ten years. I grew up with only one grandparent, so photos are the best insight I have to understanding who my family really was.


I love looking at old family photos. For you, this tells your family’s history, but it can still be valuable to outsiders. Even though I don’t know who these people are, I still was really intrigued by things like their outfits and settings the same as I would be were they in a museum.

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