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Concrete Jungle

This week I actually chose to use a picture a friend’s brother (here’s his site took of Pittsburgh during a storm this past summer. (All of my photos of Pittsburgh are either took dark and blurry, or else didn’t depict the city as a whole as I wanted.)

Why did I go with this photo? Well, first off most people chose actual green photos, of earthy homes and places with great emotional meaning to them… So I didn’t feel like adding to a conversation that was already well covered… Second because this is my home. For me, photos of Pittsburgh are what evoke emotion from me– what cause me to think of western Pennsylvania in all of its greatness.

Helmer mentioned quite a few things pertaining to art and nature, including nature inspiring artists to create landscape portraits… Granted, it is my belief this is partially because beautiful, endless landscapes were much more common decades ago. Instead, we now have the modern landscape– the city.  Very little green? Yes. Still beautiful and inspiring  You bet.




You bet. I agree because things aren’t green or natural that they can still be beautiful and invoke emotion. That is a really neat look at a city also, almost so perfect I thought it was a download and not a real image. Your friend either got lucky, or has a natural ability.

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