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This Eagle Statue is located outside of the Blue Cross Arena in downtown Roc City. It was created in the early 1900s and the the large inscription on the pedestal dedicates it to “those who served in the Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection, China Relief Expedition.” The Eagle breaking the chains of oppression is meant to symbolize the United States’ righteous liberation of the Cuban and Filipino peoples from the clutches of Spanish conquest. As history has shown, though, the Spanish-American War was fueled by misinformation, jingoism, and yellow journalism, and the “liberation” of these peoples was simply swiping one Western Imperialist for another. It memorializes a slanted perspective – the idea that we are acting as Liberators instead of Conquerors.




I like the perspective of where you took this photo, this gives even more strength to what this statue represents.


Yes – but that’s the irony! Behind the strength is unwarranted aggression and an urge to express a dominant point of view onto others – it represents the concept of American Exceptionalism, which was really popular in the 1890s, though McKinley opposed it and this war. Today, Mitt Romney advocates the same thing.

Here are some other cool pics I took while downtown, though!

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