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Designing Mickey

The Barnes article reminded me of all I’ve learned about Disney World and that which I love best about it — the Imagineering.  Imagineers are the imaginative engineers who design Disney.  Every time I visit Disney World, I just know that no one understands better designing for the masses and for mass appeal than the imagineers of Disney.  You can see clearly through all their work how it evolved and was influenced by the styles, sensibilities, and mores of each generation.  To represent this, I thought of THE mouse who is so iconic of Disney that my son says that we’re “going to Mickey Mouse” in stead of “we’re going to Disney World.”  So I went rooting through my books and various things I’ve collected to show how the form of Mickey Mouse has changed.  He’s gone from a scrappy, mischievous little mouse with a smaller head and a pointy noise to a friendlier mouse with a much larger head, eyes, and rounder body.




Kristi, I love how in depth you went into this about mickey. His iconic figure will always be recognizable but I doubt many people know of the changes this character has gone through. From looks to voice its a great way to see the change over time for such an famous Disney figure. Also, I love the composition of your image!


I totally agree, It is true for most of the kids Mickey Mouse is the hero of Disney. In my opinion happen the same with apple and MacDonald. For example if I am going to MC and I bought a Big Mac, I said I ate MacDonald instead of the name of my food. I think is a powerful strategy


Ha ha. Kristi…looks like we had the same thought with our Disney-ness. Glad to know that there is someone in the class just as fond of Disney and what they create (even if the whole experience is crafted and created for a very specific purpose) I love it all the same. I forgot how much Mickey Mouse has changed as well since his creation.. even in the last five years the Mickey Mouse in the parks has changed…his eyes and mouth move now…but his purpose is still exactly the same. I’m planning a trip to Disney World in June for my husband when he gets back from active duty overseas (January) b/c he’s never been. The rest of my family is going too!


Casey — did you know that they’re experimenting with Mickey talking now too?! I think I prefer them silent, but I haven’t seen it in person so I’ll hold my judgement until then. If you need any kind of help planning a trip, let me know! We’ve been several times. In fact, my son is in one of these pictures!


Kristi, I agree, Mickey Mouse is very iconic. My little neighbor, Mason, is 5 years old and he loves Mickey Mouse. He always talks about Mickey Mouse and going to see his house.


I find it interesting the deduction, that Mickey Mouse could represent Disney itself. If we see the picture of the Mickey’s black ears for example, we associate this image with Disney. I talked about this in illustration for this week, about how our mind interprets any object and gives them a meaning based on a concept. I think I’m obsessed with semiosis.

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