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Different Perspectives

This image illustrates the concept from the reading many others have mentioned, Image as Evidence. The work of photographer Benedict J Hernandez shown in the 60 from the 60s exhibition dealt with a lot of the riots that resulted from movements for social change in the 60s. This photograph stuck out to me by being different from that, depicting a quieter truth to that aspect of the era. Though raucous crowds and military gunmen certainly have their place in history explaining what was going on, they don’t tell the entire truth alone. Quiet scenes such as this reflect the other people in the community, directly related to the cause but not to the rioting, as they were. They stand as evidence that these people were witnesses, that they were there, and they complete the story set by the more active photographs.



Scott Howard

The imagery in this photograph reminds me of Norman Rockwell paintings

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Debora Brozell

Great of you to share your perspective. Perspective is everything!

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The imagery in this photograph reminds me of Norman Rockwell paintings

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