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Diversity in Art

I thought the vinyl covers on display at Javas illustrated Lorna Roth’s point form “Flesh in Wax: Demystifying the Skin Colours of the Common Crayon” quite well.  Roth writes, “first, it indicated the potential to reconceptualize the colour of one’s body on paper. Second, it legitimized body colours that in the past has been marginalized, those of brown and black bodies. Finally, broader notions of pigment variation suggested new ways of looking at and critiquing our societies’ white-biased body norms” (79-80). In what are essentially images printed on paper, we can see the variety of skin tones  in the illustrations and photographs, from different shades of white and black, to Asian and even robot (in the top left). Things like album art can show a great deal of diversity through the images that are chosen to represent a particular album.


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