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When I was younger I played with my American Girl doll all the time. I have Samantha. My parents got me Samantha because she looked most like me. My friends had multiple dolls because they liked their stories and how they looked. In the Roth reading she says, “(1) design technologies, images, and products so that it becomes easier to capture and reproduce a continuum of skin tones without having to resort to (often unsatisfactory) methods of compensation;”. I think that American Girl is doing a good job enabling girls to develop racial and cognitive equity by creating dolls that are different ethnicities so girls can become of aware of the other cultures that are around us at such a young age.




This post is very nostalgic for me because I had a Samantha doll as well growing up, although she didn’t look much like me, I just liked the story built around her. I agree that these dolls are a great way of leading young girls to be more open-minded and to be aware of other cultures, not just their own. Unfortunately, these dolls are very expensive and not necessarily affordable for all families.

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