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Erie Canal

I got the chance to visit the Erie Canal and it was an interesting sight seeing experience. This day, it wasn’t sunny but I felt that it made an excellent opportunity for photographs. This picture to me, depicts a sense of calmness with the water and the weather effecting the colors. The shadows are enhanced and the the image is very peaceful and soothing. I was on a ferry ride in this particular the front of the boat so I got the chance to snap some pretty cool photographs. There are many things that can offer different variations of your perception on a certain photograph and I think the weather played a big part in this one. The elements and tone are deep.




I also find that large, still bodies of water can have a very calming effect. I find it interesting that you can see a community behind the canal, as it creates a nice contrast between the calmness of the canal and what can be seen as the chaos of society. Despite how crazy and overwhelming life may seem at times, the canal seems to have the ability to make it all seem so small, which makes for a very relaxing atmosphere.

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