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Evidence and Truth

Like a few others that have already posted, I also thought the concept of image as evidence was interesting.  The article talked about the camera as an “objective device for the capturing of reality” (p. 280).  This simplified statement has limitations, which the article mentions, considering that the “reality” captured is socially and culturally influenced.  Despite cameras capturing what it real, a range of beliefs and biases will evoke differing emotional responses.  This image of Dr. King marching arm-in-arm with white men during the Civil Rights Movement is a perfect example of a highly emotional image.

Interestingly, the authors bring up the issue of image altering.  Although the camera may have captured reality, we often are unaware if an image has been modified after its capture.  They mention the video, The Silent Scream, in an effort to provide an example of visual manipulation to demonstrate “truth.”  They go further to suggest that even after the public knows that images have been manipulated beyond their initial reality, sometimes their power remains.  A powerful visual image may leave a lasting emotional impact despite how it represented truth and reality.



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I like the black & white tone of the picture because makes the photomore dramatic. I agree with the reading when talked about “the camera is a device to capture reality” but reality still alive?

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I agree that this picture sends a powerful message for us to understand the struggles Americans have suffered.


I love how you said “Despite cameras capturing what it real, a range of beliefs and biases will evoke differing emotional responses.” I agree with that statement, and this image definitely has a lasting emotional impact. However, is this image manipulated in any way? That would be interesting to research.


I think this photograph illustrates the concept of emotional response well. A less known figure would make the same point, but a familiar face like Dr King places it in a mindset that evokes stronger feelings than a random image would.

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