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Evidence of the Past

In the Dickinson, Ott & Aoki article, they refer to artifacts that museums collect as objects that solidify memory because they are “concrete fragments of the past.”  Rather than simply representing history, they are actual objects that provide testimony to a particular memory.

A few years ago, I spent a month traveling in the Southwest of the United States.  This area has many national park sites and museums with petroglyph carvings dating back 3,000 years.  A common image in the petroglyphs in this area is Kokopelli, a hunch-backed, flute-playing figure that was sacred to many Southwest Native Americans.  The petroglyphs tell a story of the past and are concrete evidence to the lives of the Native Americans there at the time.

Although this carved Kokopelli that I brought home doesn’t hold the historical significance that the ancient petroglyphs do, it kind of serves as my own artifact that provides a memory to my travels in this area several years ago.


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What’s more interesting about this is how this ancient Native American deity pictograph has been appropriated by other cultures, particularly white cultures that are seeking some kind of connection to naturalism or even a DIY / hippie theme. Hell, even Roc City Kickball has patronized this dude:

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