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Fact or Fiction?

The picture that I took is my favorite picture in my parent’s home.  Just like in the Wild West Exhibit, “…there is no explanation…of what relation the images…bear to history and myth” (p. 100).  The picture is actually an antique print from my great, great grandmother.  When outsiders see the picture, they often ask if it’s a picture of my grandmother.  It looks real; however, it is likely just an old advertisement or old piece of art.  I have no idea who the little girl is in the picture.  Yet, many people automatically think that the picture is part of my family’s history.  Photographs are tricky like that.  Without context, it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s staged.  (I apologize that it’s a bit blurry.  It’s really old, cloudy glass, and it’s impossible to get a clear picture on my old camera…but if you can’t tell it’s a picture of a little girl and her dog).


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