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False Impression of Realism

After reading the “Dickinson Starbucks reading”  I realized that while Starbucks so desires to impress upon its customers a feel of nature, I can’t help but feel this is an attempt at a false impression of reality.  The truth is that people want to belong or visit an establishment that best suits their personality or that best represents their belief system.  I chose to go in the opposite direction in this post as I captured a false sense of nature as Starbucks is trying to capture “nature” in its corporate element as a means to gain customer appreciation through atmosphere, color and predictable service.

I have captured a sunset that as predictable and beautiful as it is in reality, is caught in its negative. This reminds me of a corporate world struggling to identify with nature, and those that have an affinity for it. This is so true of the “new” corporate agenda to capture and reflect a sense of naturalness to a world where “global warming” and “going green” have become real concerns. While the “coffee bean” grows from a tree, all that matters is that the product sells and that their image has a natural reflection to the consumer. Thus providing the consumer with a false sense of “natural” appreciation. After all, they are selling a product!!


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