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family portrait

“I share this feeling. When I am at Auschwitz I start looking at the world and at my own life. I remind myself of what’s important, which is so easy to forget. In the kingdom of death, you can find the meaning of life. At the biggest cemetery in the world I know what i live for.”

In the Auschwitz reading, the author explains how they created a museum and they want to preserve the authenticity of the past. It just shows you how important history is and how we need to learn about it in order to not repeat our mistakes. I chose a picture of my grandma, (she is on the far left in the white dress) with her siblings. It was taken in New york, it wasn’t too long before they left Italy. They worked so hard for our family today, they built a home, settled in New Jersey, and worked for the rest of their lives to give their children what they need. It is amazing to see museums that shows what people went through to have their family be where they are today. It is just sad to see the victims of the Auschwitz to go through the pain and the suffer at their hands, it is not fair that they went through that. And museums are created to teach us to not repeat history, and it is so important that a similar event like the holocaust does not happen.





It’s interesting that you used an old photo to illustrate the Auschwitz article. First of all, it’s beautiful. I love the feel of old photographs. Second, I used an old photo too, but I used mine to illustrate the Buffalo Bill article and how some graphics can seem “true” but they’re really fiction. Pretty nifty how we both used photographs this week, but to illustrate two different readings!


I love looking at old photographs like this! The attire your family is wearing, the faded colors, even the torn edges all add to the authenticity and aged feeling of it. It is great that you know and appreciate your family’s story. I wish I knew how my family got over to America! So many people, like me, do not know their roots, but its important to try to discover them. Like you and the article said, it allows us to embrace and appreciate the present moment even further.


I love looking at old photos. It gets me to a point where I just want to ask my family about it since some of them have experienced through the rough times. Looking through family photos is fascinating because you get to know who your relatives are.


I found it interesting that the same photograph can be used to represent both of the articles for this week. Whereas you chose to use a family portrait to represent the Auschwitz article, I chose a portrait to represent the Dickinson article.


You pointed something interesting and I agree that history is important because it not only keep our memories and experiences through time, but it also remind us the things that should not be repeated in our present, so that our future be even better.

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