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Flesh Tone

Upon reading  ”Flesh In Wax” by Lorna Roth I read part of the sentence “Flesh was formulated to depict a Caucasian skin tone” and I began thinking to myself what is “Caucasian skin tone”. No one I know has a completely even complexion across their body. The colors involved in someones face or hand cannot be broken down into one color, even if they are Caucasian. I decided to take a picture of my own hand to better describe the number of colors that are involved in hands overall tone. As you can see their are browns, reds, and tans of various hues and saturation. After reading the article by Roth I felt the problem was easily solved by having numerous types of wax with different “skin colors” all called skin toned. This would represent the fact that their are different skin tones without trying to awkwardly cover change a skin color to something called peach or chestnut.


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