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I chose this picture because in the readings they talk about different parts of nature and how you had to be there and actually see them to get the full experience, instead of just reading about it and trying to picture it yourself. This picture was right after it had rained this morning, there were little water droplets on the petals of the bright purple flowers, and there’s even a caterpillar on the bunch of flowers on the bottom right. Although someone could have read about a scene like this and decided what it looked like themselves, seeing this actual picture shows much more about the setting and kind of day it was. You can see the actual bright colors where describing the actual colors would have left the color up to the reader. Over all this picture is one that would be much better seen in real life than reading about words about it.




I think this is true, especially the more unusual a place that’s being described. As the Helmers article mentions, descriptions of Yellowstone weren’t always believed, even though the number of eyewitnesses was growing. I recently viewed pictures from a friend’s trip to Iceland. She had told me of these vast glaciers and ice caps. Never having seen anything like this before, I couldn’t really grasp that at all until seeing photographs.

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