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forest aura

This a project that did for an assignment I have found the experience making these to be very enlightening. My works are large scale foil sculptures created in picturesque nature scenes. Each sculpture is carefully crafted to depict what I imagine to be the aura/spirit of the forest. I want the sculptures to take the flow through the scene almost like wind, but with a life of its own. For me being out in the wood brings me spiritual joy, reliefs my stress, and gives me the time and peace I need to collect my thoughts and reflect on the art of creation. My goal was to alter a scene that creates synergy between the form of nature and the form of something created by man. I feel like this is a good example of abstraction and symbolism.


Hello my name is Benjamin Kitzmiller. I am a fourth year fine art photography student here at RIT. I am from Maryland and I enjoy camping and landscape photography. Knowing about visual communications will help me strengthen my art and interpretation of art.



The use of lighting in this image is phenomenal, I really like the use of foil in this picture. The foil makes the tree branches stand out much more. It is sort like a reflection on the foil that makes it bright, and everything in the background looks purple like. This picture definitely gives off that feel of the forest spirit.

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