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Fun For All!

I got this toy from a joke/toy store from a beach near my hometown. The store is called “Fun For All!”, and I thought of the store upon reading the Dickinson Starbucks essay. Fun For All! is not just a store, it is a destination and an experience in itself. Going there is always a staple of our beach vacations. The store carries gag gifts, practical joke goods, as well as vintage toys, candies, etc. The store symbolically represents youth, and creates a youthful excitement for those who go there. There are toys hanging and swinging from the walls, it is very colorful, and a very happy place. Similar to how Starbucks creates a naturalistic atmosphere, I think Fun For All! creates a symbolic atmosphere of childhood, happiness, and comfort which keeps tourists coming back year after year. I thought this toy was a good anecdote in relation to the store; upon being stressed, you just have to squeeze a fun toy, and your stress diminishes. It, like the store, embodies a childhood idealism, showing that pain is only temporary. At Fun For All!, toys and a youthful environmental engagement is the cure for all stress.




I like how this was your interpretation of Dickinson’s Starbucks article. I’m a little jealous I didn’t make the connection of a favorite store which like you mentioned, is more of an experience. The connection of childhood and squeezing a toy to relieve stress makes me want to visit For For All!


As you already said, just by seeing the name of the store you just feel it’s going to be a happy place, your description clearly demonstrates that it reaches the clients expectations by surrounding them by a fun environment.

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