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I visited Mt. Hope cemetery, and I went around evening, hence the darkness in the picture. I was wandering around the cemetery, and it is spooky when it gets dark. This headstone immediately got my attention out of all. The last name is Gillette and that was the only writing on the headstone. In the Hess article, it states “When a memorial (or any other text) appears on the landscape, it is thereby deemed – at least by some, at least for the moment – attention-worthy (Blair, 1999: 35-6). There were a several headstones that were beautifully designed and it made you think about that person’s life. It is an odd way of getting you to think about life and death. You ask all kinds of questions, and It is interesting to see the headstones that make you think like that. There weren’t any dates on this headstone, so I was curious how long that has been in the cemetery. Hess stated that the messages produced in granite are unique forms of communications in that they are meant to be long-standing and cross-generational. I think this headstone has been there for a long amount of time, and it allows the family members and loved ones to visit the grave site and grieve.




It seems like there was not first name on this, maybe it is a family headstone. I would imagine that a slab of granite that big would cost a lot of money, so this came from a wealthy family and has been up for a while.

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personally I do not like to go to the cemetery but I agree with you on something when we visited the cemetery we value more our lives!


I agree with you Samary, visiting places like this does give us a chance to value our lives a little more. Also I think Annette deserves some extra credit for going to the cemetery at night. Really beautiful head stone though.


By chance is this your last name? My friend Jen has this last name, and she said her entire family has been buried in Mt.Hope! By chance you’re related??


No, it’s not my last name, I am not related to this person.

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