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girl by four highways

This image was taken by Betty Hahn. It was taken in 1968 for her series Gum Bichromates on Paper. When I first saw this image, it was so different from all of the others at the exhibit. None were similar to this one. This one consists of 2 same photographs on the left top and bottom, and the right top and bottom are two different images of a women standing by the highway. They are all yellow, black, and gray but all in different tones. In the article by Sturken and Cartwright, they both mentioned, “Much of the meaning of camera-generated images is derived from the combination of the camera’s role in capturing the real and its capacity to evoke emotion and present a sense of the unattainable- in other words, to appear to be both magical and truthful at once.”  When Betty Hahn took these photographs, she must’ve had a reason to wanted it in yellow and black, and use three different images for a 4-square photograph. An artist’s ability to create these things is beyond imagination, its magical.




this is pretty rad


آموزش موفقيت فردي و سازماني
خانه ان ال پي ايران برگزار كننده دوره ها و سمينارهاي آموزشي در سراسر كشور.
باما تماس بگيريد

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