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Go Paperless with Magazines

Widger describes three ways to motivate people to change their behavior a more pro-environmental way. The first one is social obligation, next is social recognition and last social influence. This picture demonstrates a Cosmopolitan Magazine next to an Ipad. Nowadays instead of buying a magazine if you have a portable ipad or kindle or even a computer you can purchase your magazine ONLINE. And not only that, instead of you looking up what the magazine suggests you to you can just click on the magazine and it will go straight to the page you are looking for. Amazing! No? Now, the question is how can we motivate people with these devices to go paperless with magazines? My guess is that we can use the three types of motivations but number three sounds more appealing. If your neighbors know about this the word of mouth can spread and you are more likely to change option and opt for the online magazine instead of the magazine.




I completely agree with your picture. Nowadays, you can order books, magazines, and newspapers straight to your tablet. It is environmentally friendly and saves everyone money in the long run. With the electronic version, the publishing company does not have to print all of the paper copies. Subsequently, the magazine is cheaper because they did not have the production cost of the paper copy.


First we have to get rid of all the neo luddites, then it won’t be to big of a problem. Then somehow convince the mothers of the people who read magazines like this to buy their daughters tablets.


I think its really awesome having new devices like this. Especially because it allows you to reference to material and show it to other very easily.So in addition to saving paper it also can be seen as an extension of the mind.

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