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Grandmother and Grandfather

My grandfather and grandmother on my mom’s side were both born and raised in America. My great grandparents were both immigrants; my grandfather’s parents were born in Poland and my grandmother’s father was born in Russia then moved to Poland before coming to America and my grandmother’s mother was born in Poland. My grandfather was in the army during World War 2 and had just met my grandmother before being stationed in Germany. My grandparents knew someone who was in the Holocaust, even on Schindler’s list, and survived. I wonder what they would think about editing the current exhibit at Auschwitz to be aimed more towards my generation




It is unclear from this post if your grandparents are living, but if they are, then you should most definitely ask your grandfather his opinion! The Holocaust is a fascinating and horrifying piece of history, and it is important to inform future generations of what happened at concentration camps like Auschwitz effectively. My great grandfather was a soldier in World War II and saw the concentration camps- if he was still alive when I was first told about the Holocaust, then I would have most definitely sat him down and listened to his stories. Lovely picture.


Andi-My grandparents are not living. I should have mentioned that. So I cannot ask for my grandfather’s opinion. My grandmother recently passed away but I know she wanted my generation to be educated about what happened to the jews in the past but I do not know how she would feel about altering the camp.

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