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Happy Garbage

After reading the Finn intro I was searching for an intersection of high and low culture. With a bit of street art here near East End I think we see nicely how a bit of graffiti can cheer up where you put your garbage. Is this art? Surely nontraditional, but nevertheless, it’s a nice public piece. Street art surely throws a curve ball to Finn’s many levels of analysis.




Bryan, I certainly agree. I like this picture a lot. It’s a fun way of saying “use me, I will be happy to take your garbage.” It is a nice perspective of a trash can. Some people don’t even use trashcans even if they have one aside from them. This trashcan is basically looking at you asking you to feed him. Nice!


The concept I used from the Helmers reading discusses perception and I think it also applies to this illustration. To many people, the street art on the garbage can is entertaining and shows individuality, however, to others, like the city who may have provided the can for public use, the art may be seen as disrespect for property.


We should tie this into sustainability – paint happy faces on recycling cans and mean ones on garbage cans…

Lily Mason

Following a summer months of sports venture and all the disturbances, at this point everyone has to travel “back in order to school” and acquire up with the difficult function. There will be numerous firms within our market business banking on the decent 3 months just before Christmas, of course, it’s virtually that period presently, to separate 12 months in a jiffy. Lots of the brokers I’ve spoken with over the course of 12 months, definitely in London, have basically said a similar thing; that whilst enquiry ranges currently have used reasonably firm, really switching these in to enterprise has been the issue.


Following a summertime of sporting venture and all the distractions, at this point everyone has to go “back in order to school” and get up with the difficult function. You’ll encounter many businesses inside our industry bank using a first rate 11 weeks prior to Christmas time, indeed, it’s nearly that point currently, to absolve the entire year with a bang. Lots of the agents I’ve spoken to throughout the season, absolutely london, have got all basically stated a similar thing; that even though enquiry degrees currently have placed comparatively firm, basically converting these in to organization has been the situation.


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