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History Repeats

According to the Auschwitz reading, the author explains what history was like during World War II. To be able to create a museum full of its memories shows the “truth” of how life was and hopes to prevent history from repeating itself. I have decided to post up African artifacts. Every time I come home and see all these objects posted up in my living room, I think of how life is during slavery time. I couldn’t imagine myself experiencing that; knowing that I am hard of hearing; it would be twice as hard for me maneuver. So many hardships these Africans had to suffer, these piece of art symbolizes their love and values of their lifestyle. Every time my family and I go to an artifact shop, we tend to look for new pieces and how it reflects on us.  Museums are places where memories go into the minds of young people; people absorb so much knowledge and understanding of what Auschwitz and his people have experienced.




These are some very beautiful pieces of artwork and history. My dad has a collection of African artwork and carved masks and we have them displayed in our home as well; some of them are actually extremely similar to some of the ones shown here. Although these masks don’t reflect my personal culture, I think it is important to learn about and appreciate art from all cultures.


This is such a great display of artifacts here! And the fact that they mean so much to you and your family makes it even more amazing. I think many individuals can relate to the victims of the Holocaust because every culture has been a victim at one point or another. I agree with Claire, it is important to learn about and appreciate art from all cultures.


This is such an awesome display of artwork! It’s like having a small museum in your house where you can, like you said, think about what the pieces represent.

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