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I thought the location of the Frederick Douglass’ statue was a little odd. With the impact he made and the beliefs he stood up for, I thought his statue and its placement would be better. As for someone who doesn’t know my way around Highland Park, the statue was only visible once you were in the open field. One would have to either stumble upon it or would have to look for it. I thought why wouldn’t they want to place this statue somewhere more visible, somewhere with more traffic? In article Remembering World War II, Biesecker believes that placement of monuments is important and have to represent some sort of connection with the monument itself (Biesecker, 2002, p. 394). Then after doing some research, the monument to Frederick Douglass had been located near the train station in Rochester, but due to the fact that smoke and congestion became heavy in that area, city authorities moved the statue to Highland Park Bowl in 1941. The reason why they picked Highland Park is that this location is near the site of his home on South Avenue, the home on Alexander Street that served as an Underground Railroad site and across the street from the Mount Hope Cemetery where he is buried.




I’m glad you took a picture of this. Honestly, I’ve never been to see it and I need to make a point to get there. Thank you for giving us the history of where the statue was before. It’s interesting that it was moved.


The location of the memorial it’s very important. In order for it to serve its purpose it needs to be visible if not there’s no point to it.

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